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Well it's been a long time coming,but we are about ready to open our gallery for business.

We are proud to have been chosen to be the "Fine Art" gallery exclusively handling the work of the artist known as JRX..

American artist Jonathan Randolph Xander,is giving us the priveledge to bring to you ,and the world the art that has been loved by so many.

It took some doing to convince him that this format would be a great way to share with the world, what many of us have known for years,and that is his attention to detail and color is hardly an accident,and very few have his eye for movement,and fluidity, we believe it is unsurpassed.

The gallery will be filled with everything from Fractal Art,to Landscapes,from Abstract art to portraits.

Including Limited Editions (very Limited)

All of these works will be Archival Quality Fine Art Prints on mediums from canvas to fine art cotton rag ,with some works even being available in photo reproduction quality for those on a limited budget.
You dont have to be rich to appreciate beauty nor should you have to be,and JRX was adamant about that, he stated that if we were going to make the art available for everyone to see, then an effort must be made to make it so most everyone could afford it as well.

He believes ,as do we,that art is much more than something to fill a space on a wall, it sets moods, creates an atmosphere,and when a piece finds it's owner, a bond is created, and can become a conversation piece showing the relationship between chaos and order.

So please check back often, Our Gallery should be up and running in time for the Holidays........

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